The ASSURE Method Plan

The ASSURE Method Plan is a guide for planning and conducting instruction that incorporates media and technology in the classroom. It is a way that the instructor can follow, in order to implement media and technology in the classroom. To begin, the “A” in the ASSURE method would remind the instructor to analyze the learners. The first “S” means to then state the objective for the students. The second “S” means to select methods, media, and materials. The “U” will help to remind the instructor to utilize the media and materials. The “R” demands that the students would be required to participate. The last step of the ASSURE Method, the “E”, is to evaluate and revise the learner. This well designed method will help arouse the students and keep them involved in the topic within the classroom. A student that stays interested in what is going on in the classroom will learn me and become more involved in his or her objectives. There therefore he or she will be a better complete student.















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21st Century Classroom Practices

What is the role of a teacher in a 21st century classroom? The days of the teacher being the center of attention and the only source of information is long gone. The answer to my question is, the role of a 21st century teacher is to coach or orchestrate learning in the classroom. If the teacher plays the role of a coach in the classroom, what would be one main topic that teachers should orchestrate? Teamwork, teamwork is a good source of learning for students. Students learn better from one another than just sitting and listening to the teacher lecture. We know as teachers/adults, that listening is very difficult. If you cannot remember when you were a student, imagine how hard it is for students under the age of 18 to listen. Students under the age of 18 have 101 things going through his or her mind each day, along with social and peer pressure. In the 21st century classroom, teamwork and collaborative learning is a great way for students to stay more focused on the topic that the teachers orchestrate.



























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20th Century Classroom Practices

In the 20th century, the classroom climate was not a good climate for children. The students had no freedom given by the teacher. There were very strict rules that each student had to follow. Bribing and punishment was how the teachers tried to control the students’ behavior. The teachers did not try to make learning fun for the students. School was more like a job. It was something they were made to do. I believe that a student does not learn as well if he or she is forced to do something. The student needs to be willing to do his or her schoolwork. The teacher in the 20th century was the judge of the students work, and no one else saw the work of another student. The class was textbook driven and what was not in the textbook was wrong. I believe the way of the 20th century classroom was what caused more students to drop out of school in this time period. I do not feel that the strategy of the 20th century classroom was the right way to teach students.

























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The 20th Century Classroom vs. The 21st Century Classroom

We all know but do not necessarily think of how 20th century classrooms are different from 21st century classrooms. In this blog I will inform you on the major differences of how education was in the 20th century and what it is like in the 21st century. In the 20th century, teachers were the source of information. He or she was the center of attention. Today, in the 21th century, a teacher is more of a coach/facilitator than a source. The teacher is there for guidance to the student. Students were not allowed to work together in the 20th century. Working together was considered cheating. Teaching in the 21st century revolves around teamwork and collaboration. Collaboration is now thought to help advance the students by sharing information between them. The most interesting difference, to me, of the 20th century classrooms and 21st century classrooms is how the students view the teacher. Some have experienced 20th century teaching and know that the teacher gave the students little or not freedom during class. The goal today is to for the teachers and students to have a mutually respectful relationship as co-learners. With the improvements in 21st century education, I believe schools will be a better place and our students will be more successful.








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Pistachio Blog Post

Pistachios are great for your health.
















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